Undone Heroes

undone heroes deluxeA raw, autobiographical look at my first few years in New York City as a 20-something year-old. Songs about relationships, dating, and trying to make it as an artist are accompanied by drawings from the various sketchbooks in which I wrote the lyrics to the songs.

All songs produced by troubadour.

The album is available for purchase on Bandcamp, which includes:

  • One unreleased track
  • A preview of songs from Blackbody Radiation
  • Original artwork
  • Actual pages from my rhymebook

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Also check out Troubadour presents The Dada Instrumentals, which features production from several of our many collaboration.

Borrowed Time

Featuring DJ Nickolai.

“living on
borrowed time, loan some
numerous, beautiful homes, own one
everybody still so lonesome”

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My Physical Destruction

“you could risk it all doing something major
or live your life based on shit that you’re afraid of
panic in my sleep, and bad dreams
woke up in a cold sweat, quarter past 3”

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So Bad

“I never wanted something so bad
and I’m glad for the things that I have
but damn, I never wanted something so bad”

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Good Life

Featuring additional vocals by Celestin.

“the good life doesn’t exist, they made it up
to sell a few albums and make a couple bucks”

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Same Old, Same Old

Featuring additional vocals by troubadour.

“9 out of 10 experts recommend it
for when you try to put the best words in a sentence
jason is the president and troub is the senate”

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Check out troubadour’s album of instrumentals from our many collaborations, “The Dada Instrumentals,” on his Bandcamp page.

This Is Called Game

“planned a date for summer stage
i’ll tell you all about it on another page”

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What I Gotta Do

Featuring DJ Nickolai.

“you look like Zoe Saldana
or like Salma Hayek in that 30 Rock episode
in that dress, you know?
so fit that i bet you eat your vegetables
and you’re very skeptical
of men who try to get with you”

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Fresh Though

“you can hear the breeze: when it comes, when it goes
money’s like that yo, it comes then it goes
life’s like that yo, it comes then it goes”

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Get That Money (Again)

“bailout packages, men in haberdasheries
men who die indebted to their bosses and their managers
who profit from the damages
caused by the capital and people chasin’ after it,
god damn savages”

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Me and My Rhymebook

“me and my rhyme book whenever i need it
chilling this evening, watching the streets and
getting the feeling that i’ma be okay
watching the sunset at the end of a long day”

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